Jay Z: TIDAL Will “Extend Album Cycle/Restore Fair Trade…” [hotnewhiphop.com]

Jay Z's new online streaming platform is being talked about all over the media – some people are saying it's going to replace Apple as the best online streaming media platform. Let's see what hotnewhiphop.com has to say about it —

Jay Z Wants TIDAL To "Extend The Album Cycle" & Restore "Fair Trade" In Music

"There was no way the announcement of TIDAL was going to go down without a surprise, but while plenty of people thought they had it figured out (an album drop from Rihanna or Kanye West), no one predicted the actual unveiling — the huge cast of musicians who co-own the service.

Despite sharing ownership with Kanye West, Rihanna, Madonna, and many more, Jay Z's name has been attached to the service for the last few weeks, and it was Hov who gave the first interview on the goals of the company with Billboard today."

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