Music Business News: These Master Tapes Fetch a Pretty Penny

Rolling Stone has an interesting article about the Music Business – here's a great example of a very profitable master tape! 

Rare, Unheard Nick Drake Tapes Going Up for Auction

"Singer-songwriter Nick Drake made a huge mark on folk music with only three albums to his name, so the revelation that a reel of six previously unheard recordings exists could be a massive contribution to his catalog. According to the New York Times, the recordings will go up for auction on July 31st at London's Ted Owen & Company. A company representative described the recordings as "pristine master tapes" and is expecting them to fetch at least £250,000 ($428,000)…"

an image of Music%20Business 1404507325689.jpg

We hold some masters and hope they could be sold for a fraction of that amount at some point in time. Stay tuned dear friends…

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