New Chic Album On the Horizon… First in 20 Years (

New Chic Album — Chic has always been one of our favorite groups… remember “Freak Out” ? We are looking forward to seeing what Nile Rodgers comes up with in his Chic reboot. Read what Rolling Stone has to say about it:

Nile Rodgers Preps First Chic Album in Two Decades


“Nile Rodgers has signed a new record deal with Warner Bros. and will release the first new Chic album in more than two decades this June. The first single from the record will come out on March 20th.

In addition to his recording contract, Warner Bros. signed a deal with Land of the Good Groove, the label that Rodgers and music exec Michael Ostin formed. “My relationship with Warner and Michael formally started with Like a Virgin,” Rodgers said in a statement, referencing the 1984 Madonna album he co-produced with the singer. “The album is double-diamond, just like our friendship is. ” Read more:


Photo By Alex Marshall via Wikimedia Commons

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