Producer Lou Medina Keeps Arguments to a Mininum in His Studio!

Producer Lou Medina on keeping egos in Check while Mixing and Mastering

Dallas Observer (blog): Producer Lou Medina: “Learning How To Manage a Session and Keep Everyone From … (link)

In this fascinating article in the Dallas Observer, Lou discusses his methods in the studio, and what it takes to keep the arguments down. After all, mixing and mastering is hard enough without dodging bullets behind the control room!

Dallas Observer (blog) – “By night, he’s produced material for, among others, hip-hop artists MC Astro, Lyric C, Epik and remixed two songs from rockers Black Tie Dynasty. Medina gave other areas a kick at one point, playing music in school, doing radio production and on-air …»”

I think we can all learn something from how Lou handles his sessions. Either mixing or mastering, it helps to have a professional at the helm.

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