How To Sample Vinyl In FL Studio

Want to discover the simple way on how to sample from turntable to fl studio so you can get right to chopping breaks and samples.

Well you came to the right video.

My name is Trav from and Imma show you how.


So first things first you gotta have the right equipment.

So today we’re gonna be using my Stanton T-63 turntable and my Stanton M-03 mixer.

Now you can get the kinds of turntables that have the usb hookup if you can do that just plug it straight into your computer.

If not, you’re gonna need these 2 things and also an interface.

So interface wise we gonna be using my Avid MBox and Im gonna show you how to plug it in and set everything up inside of FL Studio.

So all you’re gonna need is a simple instrument cord just plug it straight from your mixer into the first line in on your MBox and just make sure its selected on front.

Find Sample.

And then you need to find your sample.

Might wanna change it up a little bit, either speed it up or slow it down.

Heres a little cool trick is just EQ it a little bit to taste before you actually sample it.

Thats one of the secret old school tricks that all the greats used to use back in the day.

So make sure you EQ it to your taste.

Then we are gonna start loading up FL and showing you how to actually record it.

So line 1 on my interface, im gonna go down to line 1 so it goes straight to the turntable.

You see now its active, its playing the sample and we’re just gonna rewind it back and just start getting our levels right getting it ready to record.

Test Levels.

So you might wanna load up Edison do a couple recording tests before you actually do the full recording.

That way you know what your levels sound like I gotta boost it back up so we’re just gonna clear and record our sample.

And you’re gonna wanna record this I usually since we’re doing it in the computer I like to record the full sample because we dont have any you know sample restriction time.

So we’re gonna let it play through.

Edit and Save.

Then next you’re gonna wanna go through and edit and save it.

You dont want all that shit at the beginning just go ahead and chop it up do whatever you gotta do with it and then we’re gonna save it from Edison into our sample folder so that we can go ahead and throw it into something like Slicex, chop up the sample and actually make a beat.

So you wanna go down here.

File save sample as and you wanna go to your sample folder where you keep all your samples at.

Thats where you’re gonna save it.

Now you wanna save the artist and the title of the song so you can remember it in the future.

So just take a look at your record look at what song it was and title that and then all you gotta do is save it and once your done saving it you can go ahead and throw it into Slicex and you can start choppin it sampling it and flipping it.

Ight so hopefully that has solved your problem today if you have any questions go ahead and leave your comments down below make sure you like and subscribe and make sure you go to WeGotBeats if you want those bangin beats.

Take care.

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