Mixing and Mastering Tutorial using Fruity Loops Studio

FL Studio – Mixing and Mastering Tutorial (Basic Tips)

"*make sure you have annotation on to follow instructions* watch in 720p and full screen for better viewing. In this video tutorial i will show you how you can make your music track sound more professional and bring it to life using mixing and mastering. if you have ever finished making your track and it just don't sound right and sounds very basic and lifeless then using the mixer and master fx you can make it sound a lot better, which is how professional producers make their music better. The exact settings and fx i use in this video may not work your track because every song is different and needs different fx tweaking, this video is just to give you an idea of how you can give your track more energy, but you will most likely need to use your own settings because again each song is different, but if you just play around with the settings your track will start to sound much better. If this video helps you out then please leave a thumbs up, comment or even subscribe. Thanks, and enjoy making music."