Daniel Wyatt Mixing and Mastering Tutorial on using a Limiter in Ozone

Mixing & Mastering Tutorial Pt 1: Limiter in Ozone w/ Ableton Live

this is a pretty cool set of tutorials about Ozone and Ableton live.

Learn more at the Dubspot blog: bit.ly Dubspot Instructor and Mixing & Mastering engineer Daniel Wyatt teaches you How To Use A Limiter using Ozone 4 from Izotope in this two-part video tutorial series offering tips and techniques for polishing your tracks, and give them a finished, professional sound. Daniel Wyatt offers a universal mastering technique using Ozone 4, which is indeed one of the most powerful mastering plug-ins, but you can use this method to attain loudness in any host application. In part 1, Daniel Wyatt navigates the Limiter section and explains some the essential functions of the Loudness Maximizer (another name for the Limiter) in a step by step process; from Master Output setting to Dithering, correcting mixing mistakes, adding fullness without distortion, and Release control, for making the sound loud and bouncy. Stay tuned for part 2, as Daniel Wyatt concludes the series with a focus on Multiband Dynamics, Harmonic Exciter, and more.