Daniel Wyatt Tutorial Pt. 2 Mid-Side EQ Techniques

Mixing & Mastering Tutorial Pt 2: Mid-Side EQ Technique w/ Izotope

This is great stuff. We use Izotope frequently and this is very good learning.

"Daniel Wyatt shows you how to navigate the Parametric EQ section of Ozone, switching between the Side EQ (used for wide-panned stereo information such as synths, pads, percussions, reverb etc. ) and the Mid EQ (used for kick, snare, bass, lead vocals, instruments, etc.) At the end of this tutorial you should have a good grasp of how to utilize The Mid-Side EQ technique, segment frequencies and make the Mid and Side EQs compliment each other – keep the Mids focused with an extra boost for the subs and the Sides gently rolling off lows."