MAGIX Launches Sequoia 12 DAW for Mixing, Mastering, Audio Post & Music …

Sequioa is the most high end audio product for mixing and mastering.

And they just came out with a new joint. A suite of high end tools called Sequoia 12 DAW.

SonicScoop: MAGIX Launches Sequoia 12 DAW for Broadcast, Mastering, Audio Post & Music … (link)

SonicScoop – “While Sequoia has long been known as a mastering, broadcast and audio post Digital Audio Workstation, it is also integral to the workflows of music producers, journalists, sound editors, and audio engineers of all stripes.┬╗SonicScoop”

If you’ve got the bread and you need high end stuff for mixing and mastering, look no further than Sequoia.

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